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About Me

Hi - I’m BrookeLynn! 💜

….and I love food…that’s Latin and Spanish food to be exact! Now I know there is way more out there than food from Latin American, Mexico and Spain (and we will explore those when I am home in the states), but what can I say, my tummy likes what it likes!

Growing up in SoCal, I was surrounded by the smell of fresh tortillas being made on a griddle and poblano peppers being roasted on an open fire …my neighbors were Mexican! They taught me all about how to make authentic guacamole and the proper way to eat Elote. I mean, just about everyone’s summer backyard party debuted the famous “Señora de los tacos.” If you arrived late, good luck getting a plate!

By the time I was in primary school, I met and befriended a girl from La familia González. It was during this time I was able to learn of Menudo’s magical healing powers (for hangovers of course), and the importance of allowing your Mexican mole to cook low and slow to reach an intense depth of flavor. Who knew that the seeds Tía Irma would sow, would sprout into a full blow interest in Latin and Spanish cuisine.

Once I reached college, my culinary experience grew broader. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to Granada, Spain and there were no tacos! I had to learn what Spanish cuisine was…and let me tell you, diving deep into a pan of paella was no issue for me! My love for seafood and smoky Spanish paprika combined (had I been living under a rock)!?  Top that off with wonderful wine and silky Spanish sipping chocolate, my mind was blown. I thought, “it can’t get any better than this?” …well I was wrong!

Next on my adventure, came Costa Rica, Colombia and Puerto Rico. Those Spanish, African and native flavors combined into a world of their own. I became obsessed with fresh caught fish that was fried to a crisp! Arepepas, empanadas, tostones, and just about any stew that someone’s abuela took years to perfect! I felt like screaming, “give me carne, pollo and any Latin American carb you can find!”

If you’ve read this far, I am sure you’re hungry and drooling by now. I know I am! In fact, I’m thinking about that amazing cubano sandwich I ate in Denver during Halloween weekend!

Thanks for tuning in and welcome to this journey!


If you are interested in collaborating or discussing brand deals, please reach out to me via email at, or DM me via Instagram/Facebook.

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