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A Black Mermaid & Her Crystal-Clear Blue Waters: Day 21 in Colombia

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

After seven years, it was finally time to visit Playa Blanca...and let me tell you, it was the best $60 USD that I've ever spent!

Having a great time while feeding the little fishies

Hey friends!

For my very last excursion in Cartagena, I decided to relive a magical experience. You see, seven years ago, I traveled to this beach called Playa Blanca, and had the best time of my life. Not only was the weather fantastic, but I experienced snorkeling, ate fresh-caught fish, swam in crystal-clear water, and connected with other vacationers. I mean, come on right? Why would that not be my last activity? And it was only $60 USD (snorkeling and other add-ons available for an additional cost). If you are headed to Colombia, I suggest you take a look at the MANY excursion options that Viator has to offer:

Swimming with the Fishies

After being picked up at the designated meet-up spot, I and 11 other travelers hopped into a van (with AC) and began our 1-hour drive to Playa Blanca. At first, I thought I would get an opportunity to catch up on some sleep, but right away I hit it off with a guy from Washington, DC (Matt) and a girl from Houston (Courtney). We discussed solo traveling, life as a digital nomad, dating abroad, and more. It was honestly the BEST conversation that I had had in the month that I've been here in Cartagena. I mean, we were talking about dating abroad on the same exact day I had part 6 of my DOs and DONTs scheduled...I just couldn't believe it!

I always find it interesting that I have the most existential thoughts and deepest conversations when I am either out in nature or traveling to an unfamiliar place. It's like my mind and spirit know that must walk in confidence in order to rely on my true self. Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much. Okay, maybe I am not making too much sense right now. Back to my day...Once we arrived and parked, we needed to hop on a speed boat to get us to the "less crowded," side of the island. The view was absolutely stunning, and the weather and water felt great. Take a look!

Look at how beautiful the water is in Playa Blanca

After arriving at our section of Play Blanca, the group divided and split into our assigned/ activities. I had signed up to do some snorkeling, see the mangroves, and watch other people feed the wild raccoons. To my surprise, I was the only person who signed up for snorkeling...with that, there was no way for me to get out of feeding the wild animals. It was terrifying. Like seriously, I said, "No," multiple times, and my tour guide was like, "Don't be afraid...just do it!" And you know what, I am glad I did. I was making matter how terrifying it was. At first, I couldn't see the Racoons because I was distracted by the HUGE iguanas (I used to have them as a kid, and I am obsessed). Then slowly, but surely, these not-so-wild raccoons heard out boat getting close. For them, that meant snack time.

Snack time for the Racoons (they like bananas)

After spending some time in the mangroves, and discussing the beauties of life in Spanglish, Jamie and I headed off to have a mini photoshoot. We took the boat over to a beautiful coral reef to play with the little fish and take some photos. I assumed that Jamie was a pro at taking pictures with the way he snatched the phone out of my hand. There was a cute pose of me splashing water at the camera, another with me sitting on some rocks, and one pretending to swim with the fish. I felt like a true black mermaid. UNFORTUNATELY, you won't be able to see any of those photos. Why? Well, instead of taking photos of me, Jamie took about 15 selfies. Now, I could have been upset, however, I wasn't. Instead, I just laughed. I mean look at his innocent face! He was finally able to give me two good shots, so I gave him a thumbs-up approval.

Jamie trying his best to figure out the camera on my cell phone

Finally, time for snorkeling! If you know me, you know that I am the clumsiest girl in the world. Because of that, I opted NOT to take my phone with me on my snorkeling adventure. Yes, I had the waterproof phone case that wraps around your neck...however, knowing my luck, my cell would have been lost at sea. If you want to see the beautiful fish in Playa Blanca, then you will just have to book a flight to Colombia and purchase one of the deals above. I always say, that by visiting Colombia (the coastal area). You get Hawaii's crystal-clear water, for a 4th of the cost. By the way...sending all prayers to Maui due to the horrible wildfire.

Me, Matt, Matt's beautiful Brazilian girlfriend, and Courtney

The rest of my day was spent with the others, drinking margaritas, eating freshly caught fish, laying out on the sub beds, and going out for a swim. All in all, this was the best way for me to end my time here in Cartagena.

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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