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Saucy Sundayz: Episode 3 (Tropical/Exotic Fruits)

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Trying to channel my inner Carmen Miranda...Some will call it cultural appropriation, but I call if cultural appreciation.

Hey Friends!

For today's episode of Saucy Sundayz, I will be reviewing some of my favorite exotic and tropical Colombian fruits. Please note that this is only a drop in the bucket. On each and every food tour that I have taken, there seems to be more new fruit that I have never seen, let alone, heard of. I strategically decided to try my favorite fruits because I didn't want to take something that I didn't like and make a disrespectful face.

Because I tend to be a nerd, and I am obsessed with fun facts, I will also be sharing some of the health benefits of each fruit. Here are the links that I reference for each:

Honorable Mention

I am still taking constructive criticism as a new YouTuber, so please feel free to message me with your comments. You can either comment directly on the YouTube video, send me a DM on my social links, or email/text me using my contact icons below (in the footer). I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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