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I am Finally Getting my Eyebrows Done!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

To Microblade or not to Microblade? ...That is the Question!

My eyebrows: Before and After

Hey Friends!

So, the day has finally come. I've said over and over again, on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, that I would be getting my eyebrows done...and today is the day!

After my friend Marly educated me on the difference between micropigmentation (microblading using tiny little needles) and without using a needle gun (regular brow tinting), I decided I wanted the longer-lasting option. I was informed during my research that if I followed the aftercare instructions to a T, then I should have perfect brows for at least 2-3 years. This investment seemed to be a no-brainer for me, considering I pay $30 USD every 3 weeks to get my brows threaded and tinted at Mina Eyebrow Threading in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the States, eyebrow microblading can cost anywhere from $600-$800 USD. So, as you can imagine, I was more than excited when I learned I would only be paying $440,000 COP (around $107 USD).

After my unsuccessful attempt at scheduling an appointment with a few beauty spas in Medellin, Colombia, I decided to just stick to a local place here in my new home of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. I am SO GLAD that I did! After reviewing about 5-6 local places, I finally decided to schedule an appointment with Nubia Fajardo. The best way to check out their work is by visiting their NF Instagram or NF Facebook accounts. Once you are ready to commit, just shoot them a message via WhatsApp and the receptionist will help you schedule everything (even if your Spanish isn't great).

The Process

Owner, Nubia Fajardo is the tech that worked on my brows...and she made me feel so special!

I am not going to lie to you. I woke up extremely nervous with a huge pit in my stomach. On the one hand, I knew I was being ridiculous because I have 6 tattoos in sensitive areas. However, this is also my face. What if something goes wrong and my eyebrows turn out to be a mess? I would be STUCK with the mess for 2-3 years. I decided not to eat any breakfast just in case I needed to barf (I know TMI).

Getting to the spa proved to be more difficult than I expected. Despite being a 10-minute drive away, I still managed to be 15 minutes late for my appointment. I strategically left my house 20 minutes before my appointment so that I had enough time to arrive and fill our the paperwork, but my Uber driver took a wrong turn, and we got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. As if I wasn't nervous enough, I started to worry that I would lose my $105,000 COP deposit. Then I thought, "Is this a sign? Should I cancel my appointment altogether?" Once again, I am SO GLAD that I

When I arrived, I was properly greeted by the receptionist that I had been chatting with on WhatsApp. She was so nice and accommodating. Together, we went over the paperwork, discussed the length of the procedure, and reviewed my remaining Balance. Let me tell you. There were stacks of Joyce Meyer books on the coffee table in the waiting room. I knew then that I would be alright (if you know, you know). Going to the bank to deposit my deposit into their account was sketchy and made me think this was a setup. But I was finally able to sign in relief. Had I known that the owner and main instructor (they also offer courses for lashes and micropigmentation) would be doing my brows herself, I would have taken a chill pill much sooner lol!

So here goes...the process:

  1. The tech started by putting numbing cream on my brows and it sits for 20 minutes.

  2. The tech then began to outline the potential shape of my brows (another 20 minutes).

  3. Once the brow shape was approved by me, I laid back on a bed for the tech to begin (the room was very well-lit).

  4. For about 35 minutes, the tech used the needle gun to fill in and shape my brows.

  5. At this time, another layer of numbing cream was placed on one brow, while she worked on the opposite brow (alternating).

  6. After another 15 minutes, my brow was wiped clean, and I was able to do a spot check (I was thrilled by the results).

  7. The tech and receptionist reviewed the aftercare instructions with me.

  8. I left the spa and rewarded myself with a very unhealthy meal, which left me feeling sick hours later.

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