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Surprise! New Blog Site & BrookeLynn's List of Favorites (Las Vegas Edition)

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I Finally set aside time to create an actual blog site and curate a list of my LV go-tos.

Hey friends!

Over the past few months, people have asked me for restaurant recommendations, asked about great local bars, and cool hangouts to visit. I am happy to share that I finally set some time aside to curate a list of my favorite places to visit here in Las Vegas. My new baby...BrookeLynn's List of Favorites (Las Vegas Edition), can be accessed right here on my new blog site. That's right...You are reading this on my new blog site. Welcome to #BTheFriendlyBlogger! Just hop on over to the SHOP page to grab a physical or digital copy for a small fee.

Of course, I couldn't just leave you all with a simple list of my favorite places...I also created the #foodiestampchallenge. Everything I do has to be fun and full of excitement. So here goes...

During your next visit to #LasVegas, you are going to want to make sure that you grab a copy of my list of favs. Accompanied with each list is my #foodiestampcard. You can either cut out the card from the digital copy, or you will receive one in the mail when you order it. Either way, when you visit my #BrookeisTop8 (and purchase a meal/drink), you will have the opportunity to receive a free foodie gift from yours truly. Be sure to take selfies and use the appropriate hashtags when you share on your social media pages (instructions come with the list).

A photo of me at a very popular mural in the Las Vegas Arts District

Why am I doing this? Throughout all of my travels, I have come to learn that sitting around a table to eat, drink and laugh, is the greatest way to create memories! It is just as great at healing the soul when needed.

No matter what country, language or religion, there is something simplistic, yet so powerful the way food can bring people together. That's why I always say, "a rooted table is where food and fellowship intersect." Pretty cute huh? If you want to book a foodie stamp food tour for you and your friends on your next visit to Las Vegas, feel free to book directly on my site (in the services tab). You'll notice that we have the BEST price in town!

Your friend,

Brookelynn the Friendly Blogger

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