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I Need to Do Better!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Day 2 on the road: What a long ass 28-hour bus ride

Attempting to carry my broken oversized suitcase up four flights of stairs.

I opted not to start this blog post with my current frustration, instead of where I left off yesterday.

I am currently channeling my frustrations into each letter I type right now. I have GOT TO DO BETTER! I have never had an issue with my Airbnb choices in the past. However, as of late, my picker has been off. Y'all already know that I hated my place in Cartagena. While I am in LOVE with my apartment here in Cali...I am just not understanding how/why there is no elevator. I mean, there isn't even a rail on these stairs. Y'all know what I look like. I am not in shape. Ya girl was struggling! I am clutching my invisible pearls and I am trying my best not to have a heart attack lol!

There was this guy who, offered to help me take my luggage up the stairs (he owns the laundry matt adjacent to my apartment building). However, as soon as his wife opened the apartment door, he dropped my bag and ran hahaha...I can't be mad though. I respect her look of mild disapproval (a therapeutic technique used with children). So I pulled my big girl panties up and took my bags up one by one. That means I made a total of three trips up and down the stairs.

The Journey

I am not going to lie. I had several moments of regret when I was traveling It wasn't that I was uncomfortable or felt unsafe. Instead, it was the fact that I had to poop (I can't go #2 in public), and the fact that each time I looked at the map, I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Yes, TMI...but you know me. I will NEVER sugarcoat things for you.

When the smelly woman got off the bus, I thought things would get a bit better, which they did. I got hours of sleep I watched this amazing movie on Netflix called Woodland, and we stopped at a restaurant where I got some amazing Colombian mountain food.

However, my spidy senses were tingling when we picked up the next batch of passengers. I went from having no one in the seat next to me, to a man who was a bit too close for comfort. I mean, he was a big boy, so I can't fault him too much. But his shoulder touch mine for too long, his knee touched mine for too long and I just didn't feel comfortable. Please note that he was NOT inappropriate with me...hell he didn't even speak to me, however, I was still triggered.

When I was studying abroad in Morocco back in 2011, an incident happened that sorta changed my life. Well, actually two things happened, but I don't want to get into those things here on the blog. Just know that Moroccan men touched me inappropriately. Once while standing at a red light (waiting to cross the street), and another when I was on a public bus going to university. I thought the guy next to me on this bus to Cali, was going to touch me like the guy on the bus in Morocco. This time I was prepared. I had my fist balled up, ready to sock him in the face at any moment. Thankfully, I was comforted by a special someone who I was talking to during my trip...and of course, God was totally there with me on this journey.

Listen...this is the ugly truth about traveling solo. I am just happy to share these things with you.

You friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Traveler

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