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Rest. Rehydrate. Relaxation

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Day 4: Replacing all the energy and water my body lost the day before.

My grandmother, "Granna," would be so proud of me in this moment. One of my most memorable and fondest memories is of us sitting on the front porch watching the cars zoom by. We lived on the corner of Garfield and Mountain in #Pasadena, California. It was the perfect spot to watch random neighborhood fights, cyclists falling and the PPD catching drivers run the stop sign; let me tell you, that corner has a history of its own.

I could tell that my memory took place in the spring because of the smell of freshly cut grass. The smell immediately reminded me that spring training and baseball season was slowly approaching. That meant spending Saturdays at #BrooksidePark or #JackieRobinsonPark to watch friends and family members argue over homeruns and strikeouts. But that's not where this core memory lies.

Instead, I am back on the front porch, the sun is setting, the aroma of our neighbor's tacos and beans begin to overpower the grassy smell, and my Ganna and I are drinking a glass of ice-cold lemonade. Although she used #CountryTimeLemonade, she would add the perfect amount of sugar and fresh lemon juice from one of the two lemon trees we had in our backyard (we also had oranges and grapefruits). I mean, I can close my eyes right now and still feel the coolness of the metal patio chair against my thighs. Granna is swatting flies away and the sky is a beautiful mixture of orange, red, yellow and blue.

My new favorite combination: Hibiscus tea limeade

As I sit here, typing this diary entry in Colombia, I know she is proud. I have made the most delicious ice-cold hibiscus limeade a dehydrated solo traveler could ask for! Hahaha! No seriously, I always make sure to pack some of my favorite tea or drink mix, just in case I am feeling home sick, or need a little comfort to pick me up. In this case, I only used four ingredients.

  • Water

  • Hibiscus leaves

  • Panela (locally unrefined sugarcane)

  • Lime juice

I can already feel the energy filling my body. I read somewhere a while back that hibiscus tea helps to boost your immune system, fights bacteria and alleviated inflammation in the body. Seeing that I will be in my apartment for two more weeks, I will take all the help I can get. You see, if you've been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you'd know that my apartment has no air conditioning. I sleep each night with a fan in my face, all windows and doors open. Allowing insects and friendly critters like the house gecko to find refuge in my place. Don't worry, every apartment and house here in this neighborhood has impenetrable bars on the doors and window. I also brought my handy lemon-eucalyptus insect repellent with me (this stuff is magic). It'll only be a matter of time before I am in a cozy new high-rise apartment with a doorman and AC!

A view of my neighbor's apartment, from my front terrace

Looking Ahead: Food Find Fridays and Saucy Sundayz

As my core memory fills me with joy and peace, thinking of my future does the exact same thing. For a while now, people have been asking me to start a YouTube Channel, but I've always been so insecure about it. I am not a videographer, and Lord knows that being on camera is a daily struggle of mine. However, I am willing to compromise and give the people what they desire.

After months of brainstorming, creating new ideas, and changing them again, I have settled on two new series that I will feature on my social media platforms. The first will be Food Find Fridays. Each Friday, before or after my remote job, I will explore my new local community to find foods that I find interesting, intriguing and that taste great. One thing to know about me is that I will try anything at least once. As long as I have antibiotics and Imodium handy for when the food poisoning hit lol! On a serious note, friends and family are aways asking me about the things I've eaten on my journey. I felt like 30 second videos and a photo with a tiny description didn't do the food justice. So, I am slowing things down a bit. On Instagram and Facebook, I will upload a 2-minute reel on the featured food/dish, then on Saucy Sunday, I will head over to YouTube to attempt to make the meal. I am looking to start this after my current series on safety tips is complete (August 6th).

Covery for Food Friday Fridays reel

LET ME BE CLEAR. I am not here to take part in cultural appropriation. Instead, I will wish to both honor and celebrate the Latin culture that I grew up loving so dearly. Again, if you don't believe me, you might need to go back to the about me section of my blog. I want to teach people to step outside their comfort zones, learn a new language and try something new. The deeper I dive into the Latin culture, I learn more on the horrors of colonialism, slavery, indentured servitude, and how the victims are the true unsung heroes of the culture that we love so much. I mean, being here in Cartagena has me even prouder to be a black woman. The black Afro-Latina women here are so influential that my mind is blown! I have been following the Afro LatinX Travel group for a while now and hope to share more about what I have learned at a later time.

13 second teaser for Saucy Sundayz

Until then, you can catch me here each day with a diary entry or on my social media pages. Don't forget, starting August 18th, you can find me on Fridays via Facebook/ Instagram for Food Find Fridays, or on YouTube for Saucy Sundayz (starting August 20th). Also be sure to like, follow and share mt content with all your friends and family. If you or someone you know is interested in collanborating, the best way to reach me is by sending me a direct message on Instagram of Facebook. I CANNOT wait to share these next few months with you all!

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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