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My Top Excursions: What's New on My Site!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Day 11: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...and This is How I Plan for it.

Hey Friends! So just like yesterday, I woke up feeling very weak and sick today. After pondering on it for quite some time, I realized that it's because mother nature has come to visit me (If you know, you know).

So instead of taking a walk to a new restaurant like I had planned, I decided to just stay indoors and chill. We all know what happened the last two times I went out walking the neighborhood. Lord knows, I don't want to risk fainting because of the heat. I can only imagine how the peeps over in East Texas feel right now. It reminds me of the time where I was deployed to Galveston, TX to help clean up and rebuild after a hurricane (back when I worked for the American Red Cross). Not only did the humidity kill me, but I was eaten up by spiders and chiggers. GROSS!

Back to my day! During my lunch break, I thought it would be fun to add a new section to my website. I have been an #affiliatepartner with Viator for quite some time, yet I haven't really promoted myself or advertised any of the excursions that I previously purchased through them. So, I thought, why not add my personalized link to my site to get the ball rolling.

My Top Excursions & Fun Activities

If you head over to the Top Excursions section of my website, you will see a list of activities that I have either experienced, or I will experience before the end of the year (minus the hot air balloon because that's just not for me). I even filtered them down to include destinations like #MexicoCity, #Colombia and #LasVegas. Of course, I encourage you to explore all that viator has to offer in all of it's destinations. You don't even ahve to be going on an epic trip to book. Maybe you just want to do something different and exciting this coming weekend. I mean I just booked a beach day for this coming Sunday! I especially love Viator because they have an excursion for just about budgets and group travel size. I think the cheapest excursion I paid for was $35 USD (a boat tour that included lunch). Also, despite booking group or shared tours, I always get lucky and end up getting a private tour. If you are familiar with solo traveler, you know that this is great considering most private tours are like double the price. If you click the banner that is hanging in this blog post, it will direct you to a super fun Las Vegas Party Bus Crawl Tour for just $35. I mean you just can't beat that price, nor can you top that experience (if you go with the right people).

Be sure to use my links to book your next excursion or activity (domestic or international)

Back to life in Colombia

Like I alluded to earlier in this post, I wasn't feeling well, so after lunch it was business and hydration as usual. I had a pretty BIG lunch, so I don't think I will have any dinner tonight. Instead, I plan on taking a nice cold shower, mixing up some Liquid IV and treat myself to a Prime Video movie rental. It really is the simple things that I enjoy the most.

Your friend,

Brookelynn the Friendly Blogger

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