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The DOs and DONTs of Solo Travel: How and Why I Started my Series

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hey friends!

When I first started my #solotravel journey back in January of this year, I had no clue what I was doing. I knew that I wanted to take advantage of my new #remotework environment and travel as much as I could.

After spending a few months saving money and planning out my destinations, I decided that I was ready to buy my one-way ticket to Puerto Rico and plan the rest along the way. BUT WAIT! Something was missing. How was I going to ensure my trip would be both #safe and #fun? …I hate to break it to you, but back January, I had no one to turn to for advice …at least not anyone that looked like me (if you know what I mean). Because of that dilemma, I knew that once I returned home to the states, I could not #gatekeep any of the solo travel trips that I would learn throughout my journey.

Fast forward to today! I now have a 6-part series where I share information with future solo travelers. These tips can be applied to both #international and #domestic travel. In fact, you can access the pervious videos on my Instagram page under my series titled: “The Dos and DONTs of Solo Travel.” Or if you do not have time to watch each episode, you can access a quick reference right here within my blog site under the Safety Tip tab.

My personal goal with this is to ensure that all my travel friends have a safe solo trip, while creating memories that will last them a lifetime.

Travel Safety Product Review With my Miltary Veteran Dad

As promised… Yesterday, I mentioned during Part 3 (Travel Safety Gadgets - reviewed) that I would share the links to all the products that I like to travel with. I have also included the links to the products that my dad uses during his trips.

Please note that your trip destination and itinerary will determine what travel safety gadgets will work best for you. The gadgets from my 5 day #backpacking trip through #SantaMarta, Colombia looked completely different from the one-month trip I recently took to #Bogota, Colombia. Don't believe me? Check out the photos from my backpacking trip (above)!

1. Door Stop Alarm -

2. Door Lock/Mount -

3. Wireless Lightbulb Camera -

4. Portable Charger (Mophie) -

5. Universal Adapter -

6. Duracell Headlamp -

7. Wrist Band Reflectors -

8. Anti-Theft Sling Shoulder Bag -

9. English – Spanish Language Dictionary (pocket sized) -

***No paid partnerships, just products that we love and adore.

Your friend,

Brookelynn the Friendly Blogger

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