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The Word Hate Shouldn't be in my Vocabulary. Right?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Day 9: Enduring the heat, humidity, noises and mother nature.

I really don't like to use the word, "hate," but this is probably the WORST #Airbnb that I've every stayed in. Of course, I could have probably left on Sunday and relocated to something nicer, but I felt bad leaving the family hanging. They are depending on the money for a full month, and I want to stay true to that commitment (Why did I have to learn about integrity at such a young age)!

I can tell that they are just starting because they have a brand-new refrigerator, beds and bedding. However, everything else is for the birds. I feel like this place was not ready for someone staying longer than a week. I can get past the fact that it takes 45 minutes to get to the touristy areas. With taxis being $3-8 USD, that hasn't been an issue. What I do find ridiculous is the fact there is no AC (when all the other shacks and houses have it). In addition, the neighborhood strays bark non-stop, while the neighbor's parrot sounds like a 3-year-old crying for her mother. No lie! The #parrot legit screams, "mommy mommy," over and over again. WHY THE HELL DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? I always find myself in the most unusual situation when I am traveler. It's like that one time I was dealing with food poisoning and a severe snowstorm in Detroit. All I wanted to do was go home, but I was stuck because flights were grounded, and I ended up in a gross motel because the other hotels were booked up. This is when I feel like my life is a movie.

Back to this Airbnb. It's no secret, I am a full-figured woman. I've got a body like a back road and my hips don't lie ( get the song references right)!? Well, the bathroom in this newly converted apartment was made for a stick, and NOT made for someone like me. The way the way the toilet is positioned, I have to sit on it from the side. Not to mention, the floor has no separation from the shower. That's right, there is constantly water everywhere. Thank goodness I knew to bring my own shower shoes and towels. Again, I don't like taking money out of the pockets of the less fortunate, so I am going to continue to stay here until my time is up. But, I know that this is going to be a rough two weeks. To make myself feel a bit better, I decided to walk to the nearest grocery store to buy extra cleaning supplies (I find myself always mopping) and a few goodies that I know will cheer me up. If ONLY someone would have warned me about the road blockade and construction.

My horribly constructed, bathroom. Don't mind my clothes; I am doing laundry later.

According to #GoogleMaps, my journey was only supposed to be 6 minutes each way. I figured that was no big deal since it was still early in the day (8:00am Colombia time), it wasn't as hot, and I had another two hours before work started. WRONG! Walking to the store was fine, however, I should have known when I stood in the checkout line for 30 minutes, that the journey back would be a shitshow.

I should have ordered these items from the app #Rappi, but my Airbnb is lame, and doesn't have an actual address.

I am so close, yet so far from checking out!

The new route back home looked simple considering it was also a 6-minute walk, however, by the time I got out of the market, it was rush hour. I thought I had perfected the game of Frogger here, but it took me 10 minutes just to cross the street. No one was kind enough to let me pass and when I eventually found a clearing, I almost got kicked by a motorcyclist. I swear, the either need to have more streetlights, or they need to adopt more stop signs. It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed. Once I made it to the correct side of the street, the construction crew had my normal route blocked off, so I had to weave in and out of different housing projects. The whole time I was hoping and praying that the small gates to get from project to project would be unlocked. Of course, one gate wasn't, so I had to retrace my steps and try another gate (I felt like I was in a Halloween maze). After making it through the maze, one of my plastic bags ripped, causing the bottle of bright pink mopping solution to spill everywhere. I slowly picked it up with one hand, while trying to hold on to my 5Liter bottle of water and the rest of my groceries. By this time, I was dripping with sweat and angry for not taking a taxi back. Somehow, I managed to cross the bridge, fight through a parade of school children going on a fieldtrip, while ensuring that I didn't step in puddles of dog pee. THIS IS ALL BEOFRE I HAD TO CLOCK INTO WORK. My simple 12-minute walk turned into an hour-long excursion through my neighborhood. Not to mention (I know this is TMI), I just started my period, so I am weak, annoyed by the constant cat calling, and extremely exhausted. I don't know how, but I eventually made it. I had enough time to shower, make breakfast and clock back into work. I am not sure I'll be up to writing something later, so I am just going to post what I have now. If I feel better, I'll add more below.

The blue dotted line represents the original route, and the red arrows point toward the projects and the bridge I had to cross.


Six Hours Later

Well, I guess God is UPSET with me for all the pouting and horrible things I said earlier. It sounds like the sky has just cracked open to let out the loudest roar it's ever made. Dogs are howling, birds are squawking, and I am trying my best not to think of all those natural disaster movies that I've seen in the past. I think I told you guys on my blog a few days ago that I was terrified of both thunder and lightning. Yes! you've heard me correctly. I am TERRIFIED of thunder and lightning.

Okay, I just called my dad for a quick pep talk. I always call him when I get stuck in crazy weather situations. Of course, he thinks I should have, "kept [my] butt home." But I don't have time to listen to all that. I am most concerned with the fact that all these apartments and houses are surrounded by metal bars and power lines. What if I get struck by lightning...What if I get electrocuted. My GOD....It sounds like the lightning is getting closer and closer. Even the air has gotten cooler. It's no longer hot and humid...instead it is cold and loud. What if the streets get flooded...What it there's an earthquake? I've gotta check the weather. Hold on!

Okay! I am not at risk of a Tsumani...I think I can actually breathe now. Normally I am like 1000% okay with being alone and doing things solos, but moment like these...HONEY, let me tell you. I wish I had someone here traveling with me. Girl, boy, friend, foe...ANYONE! While this cool air feels FANTASTIC, I am still very scared. I knew I should have picked up some whiskey. I swear I picked the wrong month to start my 60 day no alcohol challenge. Wish me luck. I've got like two more hours of work to go, then I am burying myself in room and turning on NETFLIX super loud. Hey! Y'all better not be judging me right now. No one said I was perfect!

Here is a little clip (below) of the horrible rain, thunder, lightning and loud birds. I am taking prayers, phone calls as well as Facetime dates after I get off work at 5pm PST hahaha! No but for real! Text me or send me video messages through Instagram/Facebook. I LEGIT hate the rain. Okay, back to work I go...I will try my best not to cry!

No caption needed...Y'all already know!

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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