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Today Was a Good Day

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Day 17: In my new home, creating content and catching up with family & friends!

Hey friends!

So, nothing exciting or elaborate happened today, but it was still a good day, it might be because I actually got more than three hours of sleep last night. I am telling you. When I don't get enough sleep, I am not a nice person lol! I mean I did wake up for about 20 minutes around 4am when I noticed that the power went out (the fan stopped moving), but the Airbnb host fixed the issue, and it came on right away. It's so funny because I NEVER sleep with a fan back home. I personally don't like the noise. When sleep, I need it pitch black and as silent as ever...but here, I will make the exception.

Today I just worked, watched a bunch of movies and scheduled content for the following weeks. I am telling you, I may not be the most popular content creator out there, but one thing I do know is, scheduling content in advance is a game changer. I love the fact that I can set aside two hours a week to film, edit and schedule content, then enjoy life in another country for the rest of the time.

Right now, I am actually trying to decide where I want to travel to next year. Yes, I do technically have a Latin food/traveler blog, so I should be trying to go somewhere in Mexico, Central/Latin America or Spain, but between you and me (we are friends right), I really want to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I know! Random right lol I mean, I already know that I will be going to Cuba, but I have been bitten by the travel bug. If you all have any suggestions, please feel free to DM me on any one of my social media accounts or email me at

Okay well I am trying to cook brown coconut rice right now, so I've gotta get back to the stove. If all goes well, I will come back and post a photo of my rice at the bottom of this blog post. Until then, I will chat with you tomorrow!

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger.

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