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It's Just an Old-Fashioned Game of Frogger

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Day 2: My welcome back to Cartagena, Colombia

"...Instead it is, "Mami," Or, "Sexy hot chocolate."

It’s almost dinner time (7pm), and the aroma coming from the pot of beans on the stove is causing me to salivate as I type. Today technically marks day one of my 3 week stay here in Cartagena. As I type out the happenings of my day, I can’t ignore the loud howls and barks from the neighborhood dogs. I can truly say that that is one thing that I love about being I Colombia. EVERYONE…and I mean everyone recognizes a dog as a family member. I must be honest. The dogs here are treated more like American cats, than dogs. You know…free to roam all day. Do their business. Impregnate whoever they want, then come home for hearty meal. However, I am happy that they are treated well.

Since today was my first official day in my #Cartagena Airbnb, I decided that I needed to go to the local market to buy food and cleaning supplies. Of course. I do travel with my own Clorox wipes, #Clorox travel beach and #Lysol spray, BUT…. I actually needed typical stuff like hand soap, dish soap, toilet paper and trash bags. Yes! Airbnb hosts do provide things like that, but they only provide enough that will last a week. No where near 3-4 weeks’ worth of supplies.

As I think back to this morning. I can’t help but to think about the 1980’s game #Frogger. I swear to you, stop signs and traffic lights are all suggestions here in

Don't talk crap about my pot of beans!

Colombia. Hell…I can even say the same about my experiences in Morocco and Costa Rica. This morning I was battling fast cars, mopeds, motorcycles, and the traditional cat calls. I realize that I am more “full figured,” than most Colombian women. Yes, they have boobs and butt…but I’ve also got a happy gut to accompany me. To say that I stick out like a sour thumb is an understatement. My name here is no longer BrookeLynn. Instead, it is “Mami.” Or when I am in a more white Latin saturated (AKA more Spanish blooded) area, it is “Sexy hot chocolate.” It doesn’t bother me none because LITERALLY went through this is Morocco…and I am BOMG AS FUCK!. Plus, this is truly the happiest, I’ve even been in my life. Breakup and all.

Attempting to cross the busy road...Is it my turn yet?

I purposely didn’t schedule any excursions or my Spanish class today because I wanted to unwind, pack my bags and create a homy feel. I am happy that I decided to do that because now I can sit at my dinner table, listen to the tunes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and give all you great followers insight into my life. It’s funny because when I first decided that I was going to offer you all a “Daily Diary,” I was like WTF AM I DOING!? But there’s a part of me that longs for more authenticity and integrity in the world. Maybe that’s my military family, or maybe that’s just how God created me to be. I know, blasphemy. I said God and the “F,” word all in one sentence. Either way, I am so excited, nervous, thrilled and scared to share my deepest thoughts with you all.

I was in in Cartagena back in 2016 with a guy that I thought would be my forever (how naïve right!?). It’s funny because some women might be in the same situation and feel sorry for themselves. They might think, Wow! This should be a trip where he and I would bring out kids and tell them how we met. Instead, I am cheering and congratulating the old BrookeLynn. Like YASSSS girl! Look at you! Living your life, managing a business and a travel/food blog. Who would have guessed. HAHAHA. I am so happy that I learned early on in my life that I am not for everybody, and everybody isn’t for me.

"...Finding meaning in the words that I have to say."

Again, the birds are chirping, the dogs are howling, my Airbnb host in the apartment below me is tinkering with some loud machinery, and I am typing away to tell you invisible people about how I feel. Thank you so much for giving me your attention and thank you for finding meaning in the words that I have to say.

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the friendly blogger

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