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Sunday Funday: Walking the Walled City

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Trying to survive the heat and humidity of day 7 in Cartagena.

You know that viral Instagram audio that’s been going around? You know! The one that goes, “I had a time last night!” Well, now I know exactly what she means. Last night my tour guide Isaac took me out to party at a few bars and rooftop clubs near the historic clock tower. We started off at the Mirador Gastro Pub and went from there. While the drinks were insanely overpriced, it was amazing to see people from all cultures and from all walks of life getting along and having a good time. I saw people celebrating birthdays, engagements, on vacation and more. I was equally amazed at how the women had the cutest little outfits and the most perfect makeup in this humidity. CLEARLY, I need to take a class on how not to sweat hahaha. Of course, you know I am most comfortable when I am around locals and in their community.

So, I begged Isaac to take me to Gestammni for good music and cheaper cocktails…and once again, he did not disappoint! I found myself swaying to the Colombian rap music while drinking the most thirst-quenching margarita I could ask for! Seeing all the colors, murals and different shades of people brought both energy and joy to me. Or was it that blue passion drink I had an hour earlier (Red bull, blue simple syrup and Vodka). Either way, I was feeling good and didn’t want the night to end. However, I had to be up extra early to check out of my hotel and walk to the meetup spot for my Sunday Walled City tour.

The overpriced blue passion drink (Vodka, Red bull and blue simple syrup)

Me and my tour guide Isaac sweating like crazy at the rooftop bar

The Day After

Seven years ago, when I first visited Cartagena, I took a graffiti tour of the walled city. Back then, there were still places considered to be unsafe to visit. However, brave individuals knew that someday it would be a goldmine for tourism. Fast forward to today, I am so happy to see that tours of the entire walled city are booming and bringing revenue back to the locals who still live within the walls. Despite my before mentioned happiness, I was also extremely miserable today while on this 2.5 hour walled city tour. Not only was I hung over, but since the tour mentioned an opportunity for photos, I decided to wear this beautiful green dress (not realizing it was the thickest piece of clothing that I owned). The sweat was non-stop! Even with drinking ice-cold water, wearing a sunhat, and using my fan, nothing could stop the sun from beaming down on me.

There were multiple times throughout the tour where I thought, “forget it! I will re-book this tour another day. Just take a taxi home.” Thankfully, I came to my senses and stuck with it. My tour guide Alvaro was both funny and informative. He made sure that we walked in the shady spots of the street, we stopped at vendors with air conditioning, and he made sure that me and the other customer were hydrated. He definitely cared about our well-being. He even offered to take us out for lunch after the tour was over. Of course, I had to respectfully decline because by the end of the 2.5 hours, my clothes were wet, and I needed to sit my behind down.

Photos of me within the Walled City. Shout out to Alvaro for the beautiful photography!

I am so happy that I chose to take the 45minute taxi ride back to my apartment because as soon as I had unpacked, did laundry, mopped and showered, a heavy stormed rolled in. In that moment, I decided to sit at the kitchen table with the fan in my face and watch a movie on Netflix [whole cloned Tyrone].

Still feeling beat by the sun, I am debating on whether I should go out to grab some dinner or save money by making food here. Saving money, it is! Please note that it took me 20 minutes to come up with that conclusion. My brain is fried, but I have a taste for Patacones/ Tostones (fried plantains), roasted chicken and some #aguapanela. With that, I am signing off. Until tomorrow.


This just shows you how the heat from today has fried my brain. I just cut my finger trying to take the peel off my plantains. I am so OVER IT. I think I might just eat scrambled eggs for dinner and call it a night!

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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