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Learning to Clean Up my Messes: Day 18 in Cartagena Apartment

How do I always put myself in these messy situations? Is it me? Or is it me? This is where I explain my messes and share my solo travel accommodation recommendations.

Hey friends!

So, in case you haven't noticed, I don't really do too much M-F (when I am working). I like to keep things simple by getting my housework done or run important errands (like when I am back in the States). So today wasn't any different. If anything, the only excitement came from finding all these nasty little larvae in my trash (I know gross). Let me take a step back and tell you what actually happened.

My current apartment has no dumpster or trash shoot like the Airbnb I stayed in back in January 2023 in Bogota (Cozy Downtown Loft). Instead, if you want your trash to be taken out, you just leave the bags outside the building at 6 am on Wednesday. Needless to say, I overslept yesterday and completely missed the trash pickup guy. I knew I'd be going into a hotel soon, so I wanted to check the trash I currently had, to see if I could combine and compact it into a bigger bag. THANK GOD I LOOKED! There were all these unhatched baby bugs in my bag. Then when I pulled out my little trash can, I found even more on the floor behind it.

I originally thought these were grains of rice...then I realized that I hadn't eaten any rice lol!

I must've screamed bloody murder! I started to panic and sweat until I realized that (DUH) if you keep your window open all night for a week, bugs will crawl into the trash. Eventually, I put my big girl panties on, brought out my bug spray, and started spraying everything down (yes, I travel with my own bug spray). After I sprayed and waited 30 minutes for the critters to die, I then brought out the cleaning supplies to scrub and mop the floors. You have to understand, both my parents were in the military, and they take cleanliness very seriously. What I saw today was UNACCEPTABLE.

Which brings me to my next thing. Since I knew I'd be gone for 3 months, I wanted to bring a few of my favorite essential cleaning items with me. Yes, there are "normal" grocery stores here where I can find the same everyday items as you would at Walmart or Target, but I didn't want to buy something I already had at home. Nor did I want to chance they didn't have what I wanted. Outside of my travel-sized Clorox wipes, Clorox mist spray, and Lysol spray, I also like to travel with my favorite laundry supplies:

I know, I've got serious issues...but please don't judge me!

My Recommendations on Hostels & Solo Travel Accommodations

Tonight, on Instagram, I told you all that I would share a few popular hostels and solo travel accommodations. Now, I personally don't like hostels because I sleep in the nude, and I am just not as friendly as people may think. Actually, let me explain, it's not that I don't like people, it's just that I am super picky about my sleep or where I rest my head. I need to have complete silence, darkness, and solitude. You will find that some hostels host various activities and parties at all hours of the night...basically, I am a grumpy old lady. However, now you can book private rooms, so I guess that's better.

The first hostel that I ever stayed in was in Santa Marta, Colombia about seven years ago. I had just gotten back from a 5-day backpacking trip to Ciudad Perdida (you can find photos of that tip in my Mya 8th blog post HERE), and I knew that I would want to drink, be jolly, and have a good time celebrating my accomplishment. I don't know how (because I was super broke back then), but I was able to book a private room in a hostel (so that I could sleep naky). It was the BEST place ever. I was able to have my privacy, but still go to all the activities that the hostel put on. So naturally, Masaya is my #1 pick. Matter of fact, I will just list them all for you below:

  • Masaya - Hostels in Latin America

  • Selina - International Co-working and Co-living communities

  • The People - Hostel for those who are down to PARTY and live like a true local.

  • Remote Year - a program that will secure your housing and excursions all in one. You can travel for 1 month - 1 year.

  • Hostel World - A search engine for hostels

  • Nomad Stay - A trusted accommodation site (prices vary)

I hope these recommendations help you on your solo travel journey! Don't forget, if you need help planning your trip, you can book your Solo Travel Coaching & Planning session right here on my site. Together we will review your travel budget, research suitable accommodations, plan your activities/ excursions, and more!

Your friend,

BrookeLynn the Friendly Blogger

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